Faulconer Custom Tailoring


My name is J. B.  Faulconer and I am the owner of Faulconer Custom Tailoring.  I have been in the clothing business for over 20 years.  I started in 1992 with the Tom James Company where I opened offices in West Virginia, Northern Kentucky and an international office in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I gained valuable knowledge in the art of fitting, styling, and fabrics, but most importantly building relationships with my customers.


I decided to venture out on my own in late 2012.  Faulconer Custom Tailoring was opened with the idea that I could offer clients better service, better products with faster turnaround time, all at a cost that is affordable and less than my competitors.


I still do business the way I started.  Appointments are scheduled at either your office or home.  Most men I do business with hate going out to shop but love the fact that we can do this twice a year at their offices.  I can be in and out in 30 minutes, and you have done your shopping.  Faulconer Custom Tailoring is committed to giving the best service possible with the least amount of hassle.